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Primary Care PT

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Foundations Workshop

Foundations for the Primary Care Therapist:
A Hands-On Workshop

...a pathway to becoming a systems review expert 

Through this course you will take your
fundamental medical evaluation skills to the next level

We Cover...

Participants will learn the above skills via integrated lecture, case-based discussions, and hands-on labs. In addition to technical skills, participants will learn our clinical decision making framework, which categorizes various clinical presentations into Critical Medical, Non-Critical Medical and Therapy Management pathways. By the end of this course, rehab professionals will feel confident and competent serving in first-contact roles, utilizing skills as a primary care professionals and always knowing "what's next" for red flag cases. 

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Primary Care & Imaging

34 contact hours

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Primary Care PT +
MSK Imaging Certification

Cohort starts Fall 2023

Foundations of Primary Care PT

MSK Imaging Certification

Through these programs we aim to educate leaders not only within the physical therapy profession, but the entire healthcare field and community. 

2 day in-person or online course to educate students on how to effectively triage, and covers the essential skills of heart & lung auscultation, abdominal examination, basic management of non-communicable diseases, and interdisciplinary communication

A 9-module series covering all body regions. Students meet virtually once a month for each 2 hour module which runs from Sept 2023 - May 2024.  Can't make it to the live class?  On-demand courses are also available. 

PC & Imaging Bundle
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Ready to take your practice to the next level with our Primary Care & Imaging Bundle? 

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Recognizing Rheumatology

Recognizing Rheumatology (1).png

Recognizing Rheumatology Online

This course will enable you to Recognize, Assess, Investigate, Refer and Manage Rheumatological Conditions including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Spondyloarthritis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica & much more.

Many rheumatologic conditions manifest with musculoskeletal pain.
It is essential that healthcare providers understand how to identify these conditions, so that patients can receive appropriate treatment.

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