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Team-Based Primary Care

Traditional U.S. healthcare has largely settled into "gatekeeper" primary care, where a primary care physician, PA or NP serves as the first-contact provider for all health concerns, and then refers to specialists on an as-needed basis. This model has created healthcare "silos", where each clinical specialist works exclusively within their specialty, with very little interdisciplinary communication & collaboration. At Redefine Health Education, we believe that every individual should have the opportunity to address their health concerns and achieve their goals by working with a specialized care team at the primary care level. In an effort to assist health facilities in implementing this model...


RHE offers comprehensive programs which educate healthcare administrators and providers on the implementation of team-based primary care, specifically utilizing physical therapists as first-contact care professionals for a variety of disorders affecting function and quality of life.


While we recognize the substantial barriers to the implementation of the team-based primary care in the private sector, we are committed to assisting you in overcoming these barriers to benefit your staff, patients, and the general public. 

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Primary Care PT Provider Course

This is a live (in-person OR virtual livestream) 8-hr course designed for physical therapists functioning in primary care roles to enhance their skills in medical screening, differential diagnosis, assessment and management of adults with neuromusculoskeletal (NMSK) complaints. In this course, participants will learn various models of PT primary care, current best practice for medical screening, psychomotor examination skills related to medical screening and the foundations of musculoskeletal imaging. Instructors will cover how to properly identify signs & symptoms that may be outside the scope of physical therapist management, including cardiovascular & pulmonary, gastrointestinal, urogenital, neurologic, traumatic orthopedic, & psychiatric conditions. Participants will learn how to triage various clinical presentations into Critical Medical, Non-Critical Medical and Conservative NMSK management schemes. By the end of this course, physical therapists should feel confident and competent serving as primary care, first-contact NMSK providers. 

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Primary Care PT Set-Up & Implementation Course

Coming Soon....

This course provides healthcare administrators and providers a snapshot on the variety of team-based primary care models that currently exist globally. It also provides a "how-to" guide to on preparation, set-up and implementation from workflow processes to booking/scheduling to payment. 

As of Aug 31, 2021, this course is currently under construction and we hope top make it available by Jan 2022. 

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