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Dr. Lauren Calamari, PT, DPT
Operations Assistant

The Front of Her Resume



BA in Exercise and Sport Science (UNC Chapel Hill, 2014) DPT (Medical Univ of South Carolina, 2018)

Professional Interest:

Sports/Performance Rehab

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From a young age I knew I was interested in pursuing a career in Physical Therapy. After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science and then moving on to earn my DPT at the Medical University of South Carolina, I worked primarily in outpatient orthopedics. I eventually landed at a sports/performance clinic, but unfortunately a series of knee surgeries left me unable to work clinically for a time. I decided to pivot a "non-clinical" direction - and have since been working in continuing education and PT sales.

The Back of Her Resume


What do your friends call you?     Lo

Your Favorite People/Pets?    My husband, Josh, and our new puppy, Rocky!

16 Personalities Type?    Defender, ISFJ-T

Your Zodiac Sign?      Sagittarius

Favorite Place in the World?   Kure Beach, North Carolina

Somewhere You'd Like to Visit?     The Maldives

Non-Professional Hobbies?     reading, hiking, going to the beach​

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