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Dr Katie O'Bright, physical therapist & owner of RHE

Dr. Katie O'Bright, PT, DPT, OCS
Owner, Educator 

The Front of Her Resume



Foundations for the Primary Care Therapist: Hands-On Workshop

Foundations for the Primary Care Therapist: Online

FAI & Hip Dysplasia: Current Concept in Imaging & Management



University at Buffalo - B.S. Exercise Science

Temple University - Doctor of Physical Therapy

AMEDD C&S - Military Musculoskeletal Residency

Specialty/Professional Interests:

Board Certified Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Team-Based Practice & Education

Hip & Pelvic Disorders

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Dr. Katie O’Bright is a board certified orthopedic Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) who graduated from Temple University in 2014. Upon graduation, she served in the United States Army as a Captain & physical therapist, primarily working in a multidisciplinary Soldier Centered Medical Home. She furthered her education in the Military Musculoskeletal Residency in 2017, at which point she obtained her OCS. After her time in service, she was the lead physical therapist at the University of Oklahoma’s Stephenson Cancer Center, a team-based clinical setting where she enhanced her skills working with individuals with complex needs. Dr. O'Bright moved on to another multidisciplinary primary care practice in Pittsburgh before starting her own cash-based practice. Dr O'Bright is a passionate educator who serves as adjunct faculty in several DPT programs. She is also the owner of Redefine Health Education, a continuing education company that focuses on enhancing the primary care and MSK imaging skills of physical therapists. Dr. O’Bright currently resides in the Greater Chicago area, and enjoys exercising and spending time outdoors with her husband, 2 sons, and Chocolate Lab. She dabbles in painting & veggie gardening, enjoys live music, and Buffalo Bills football. 

The Back of Her Resume

What do your friends call you?     Katie

Your Favorite People/Pets?    My husband, Ben and 2 knucklehead sons, Hunter & Jimmy; our chocolate lab, Daisy

16 Personalities Type?    ENFJ-A/The Protagonist (go figure...)

Your Zodiac Sign?       Virgo

A historic event that took place the year you were born:   

     The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Favorite Place in the World?   A lake in the woods, around a campfire

Somewhere You'd Like to Visit?     Thailand

Favorite Superhero and Why?    HULK SMASH!

Non-Professional Hobbies?     Anything outdoors/water-related! History, Painting, Yoga, Live music!

An Interesting Fact About You?  I was a national champion in rowing once upon a time...

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