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Dr Julie Skrzat, physical therapist & RHE consultant

Dr. Julie Skrzat, DPT, PhD, CCS
Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Consultant

The Front of Her Resume


Day Job:

Assistant Professor

Mary Baldwin University DPT Program

Owner, Dusza LLC



BS, MS, DPT - Ithaca College

PhD - Temple University

Specialty/Professional Interests:

Board Certified in Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Physical Therapy


The Back of Her Resume

What do your friends call you?     Jules

Your Favorite People/Pets?    Aaron and our 3 year old Husky, Lake! And part of my heart is still in PA with the rest of my family!

Your Zodiac Sign?       Taurus

A historic event that took place the year you were born:   Paramount Pictures releases Top Gun (on my birth day)

Favorite Place in the World?     With Family

Somewhere You'd Like to Visit?     Greece

Non-Professional Hobbies?     Walking Lake, Biking with the Peloton app, Running Dusza LLC

An Interesting Fact About You?   I've been chased by a rhino while on horse back (my first time!) in South Africa!

Dr. Julie Skrzat, physical therapist and educator for RHE; shown with her husband and dog
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