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Dr. Jessica Klain, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT, CSCS, CNPT
Outreach Assistant

The Front of Her Resume


The Ohio State University - BS in Biology

University of Florida - Doctor of Physical Therapy

Specialty/Professional Interests:

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist,

Certified Vestibular & Concussion Specialist;

Certified Yoga Teacher

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I believe that investment in our health creates a life full of joy, gratitude and satisfaction, but how we get there can be confusing. Through my professional training and personal experiences, I aim to help people by listening and providing open communication to build trust in relationships with patients. My professional education through undergraduate at Ohio State (Go Buckeyes) and my doctorate in physical therapy from University of Florida provided a foundation to pursue more in-depth training in manual therapy (COMT), orthopedics (OCS), strength and condtioning (CSCS), nutrition (CNPT), dry needling (Level 1 and 2), concussion and vestibular training, and yoga (cert. yoga instructor). After 10+ years practicing in outpatient clinics in CO and then Alaska, and a life sabbatical in Thailand, it was time to open my own practice, Physio, Yoga & Wellness, in 2021 in Denver, CO. I am proud to provide a variety of services with a focus on helping people along the continum of injury and wellness.

The Back of Her Resume

What do your friends call you?     Jess

Your Favorite People/Pets?    My husband, Kristopher, is my ride or die.

16 Personalities Type?    ENFJ-A

Your Zodiac Sign?       Gemini

A historic event that took place the year you were born:   

    The day I was born the #1 song was "Everybody Wants to Rule the        World" by Tears for Fears

Favorite Place in the World?   New York City

Somewhere You'd Like to Visit?     Moracco

Favorite Superhero and Why?    Wonder Woman - Because she is bad ass

Non-Professional Hobbies?     Running, mountain biking, traveling the world & road tripping

An Interesting Fact About You?  I took 7 years of Spanish and still can not communicate to anyone in the language

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